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The company in December 2002 through a one-time China fangyuan ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification. In January 2006 passed the review again authentication. So the company with the ISO9001 quality system production, installation and service quality assurance model "for the standard, established a perfect quality assurance system to.

  • Product quality commitment

    Our company guarantees to provide goods under the contract are brand new, unused and made the first-class technology and the best materials manufacturing and become, and completely accord with the national, industrial and enterprise standard stipulated in the contract or the technical conditions of the equipment, ensure the correct installation and normal operation and maintenance, in its service life period with satisfactory performance. Equipment manufacturing is completed, the quality of equipment performance requirements, in accordance with relevant standard stipulated in the contract and carry out a precise and comprehensive inspection, make the quality to achieve the buyer requirements, and issue a product quality certificate.

  • On-site inspection and acceptance

    The equipment installation, according to buyer's request, the company will appoint engineers in guiding equipment operation test and inspection, if the test is found for equipment quality problem and make the equipment performance and the original technical requirements have deviation, this company is responsible to solve. If necessary, repeated test to meet the requirements.

  • Installation guide service

    Equipment installation shall be compiled according to the company for the detailed construction drawing. The company in the installation process to provide supervision and guidance, is responsible for verifying the equipment installation is complete, only get confirmed equipment debugging stage may enter the next step.

  • Operation and debugging service

    Equipment installation is completed, the company will be the guidance and supervision of the implementation of the commissioning work, is responsible with the buyer to establish test plan and guide the test procedure.

  • On-site technical service

    In order to successfully put into operation equipment, the company will send the skilled and qualified technical personnel to the site for technical service.

  • Equipment warranty period and compensation commitment

    The warranty period, the company due to design, process and material defects and happen any deficiency or fault is responsible, equipment replacement and maintenance of the expenses involved and its consequent loss related by the company to undertake.

  • After the warranty period spare parts supply and maintenance

    After the warranty period, the company will with preferential price and high quality service to equipment to provide spare parts and lifelong maintenance service.

  • Service response time

    The company has maintenance service on receipt of buyer's maintenance notice, I company and 24 hours to response and arrived on the scene to send, until the fault repair completed fully recover normal work so far.